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Harmonic Resonance Theory:

Standing Waves in the Brain as the Physical Principle Behind the Gestalt Qualities of Perception.

Adapted from a talk given at the Gestalt Theory and Applications (GTA) convention, Graz, Austria, February 2005.

Steve Lehar

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The Enigma of Gestalt Phenomena
Making Sense of Gestalt Phenomena
Invariance in Perception
Invariance to Rotation, Translation, & Scale
Brain Anchoring
The Epistemological Divide
The Spatial Problem
Gestalt Isomorphism
Plausible Mechanisms
Köhler's Field Theory
Harmonic Resonance Theory
Frequency Coding
Fourier Theory
Gestalt Properties of Resonance
Embryological Morphogenesis
Psychophysical Evidence
Dot Grouping Phenomena
Directional Harmonic Theory
A Psycho-Aesthetic Hypothesis
Mind and Music
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