From: The World In Your Head by Steven Lehar

Fig. 11.7 An artist’s conception, or functional specification of an imagined artificial mind. (A) The cognitive function is subserved by a spherical resonator or “crystal ball,” capable of generating three-dimensional spatial standing-wave patterns in conformity with the settings on a control panel. (B) The perceptual function is added by making the standing wave pattern responsive also to images projected into the sphere. (C) Motor function is then added by coupling the crystal ball to an android body in such a way that the servos in the android body always drive the limbs to match the configuration of the “body image” standing wave permanently located at the center of the resonator. At the same time, the “body image” standing wave is also designed to always mirror the configuration of the android body, with a bi-directional causal connection between the body and its perceptual image.