From: The World In Your Head by Steven Lehar

Fig. 7.5 The spherical world of perception can be mapped to the flat space of the cortical surface as follows. (A) First a vector is inserted from the posterior side of the perceptual space, as indicated by the arrow. (B) The perceptual sphere is then expanded outward topologically while preserving the connectivity of the spherical representation. (C) When opened up enough, the space becomes a domed surface, like a cortical gyrus, which now resembles the mapping of the primary visual cortex. (D) In other words, a section of the cortical surface maps objects in perceived space by volumetric regions of the cortical tissue reified in depth, with the far surface representing infinity, and the near surface representing the surface of the face, depicted in dotted lines, which is perceived amodally as the nearest object in perceived space.