Email From: Paul Bloom Editor, Behavioral & Brain Sciences.

March 19 2004 2:22 PM

Dear Dr. Lehar,

Thank you for submitting your paper, 'Harmonic Resonance Theory: An Alternative to the "Neuron Doctrine" Paradigm of Neurocomputation to Address Gestalt Properties of Perception' to Behavioral and Brain Sciences. I read it with considerable interest; this is clearly an ambitious and provocative manuscript. Unfortunately, after consulting with two experts in this area, I am afraid that I cannot send it out for full formal review.

BBS specializes in articles that are theoretically innovative, but there are other criteria as well, including scientific rigor and empirical support. My sense is that this research program is not yet developed enough to warrant extensive peer commentary. Although the ideas here are extremely interesting, they seem better directed to another journal.

I hope you will understand that such decisions are relative rather than absolute. There is tremendous pressure on BBS's pages. We receive very many manuscripts, most of which we cannot accept. The demands on our referees are also very high. In any case, I am sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news, and I wish you success in finding an alternative outlet for this article.


Paul Bloom

Editor, BBS Xb

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