Plato's Cave: Outline

Plato's Cave & the Nature of Visuospatial Perception

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The Problem: If perception is a physical process that occurs inside your head, then how does the percept get back out of your head to appear as the world around you?

The Solution: The world you see around you is inside your head!

Alternative Views: The alternatives simply do not stand up to closer scrutiny.

Analogies: Some physical analogies will help illustrate the concept.

Evidence: There is plenty of evidence to support the notion that the world you see around you is inside your head.

The Implications: of this idea are that current models of the visual system are fundamentally flawed, because they are based on false premises.

The Gestalt Movement: had the right idea about the nature of visual perception.

A New Gestalt Model: of perception is proposed which is consistent with the true nature of visuospatial perception.

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